Engineering Services

We have a team of well educated and experienced Professional Engineers ( PE ) fully licensed in California, Nevada and Arizona in civil, chemical, mechanical and environmental engineering.

A few of the areas we cover are:

• The design of an industrial chemical process

• The assessment of a chemical compound’s risk

• Obtain and test material samples to determine strength and life factors that will affect their behavior as construction materials.

• Undertake studies on network capacity and equipment loadings

• Design systems for monitoring and controlling electrical power systems

• Design protection for electrical systems — for use when there is a problem with the primary system

• Advise on water, waste and pollution treatment

• Design water supply and wastewater treatment systems

• Undertake noise assessments and develop noise management solutions

• Ensure building designs meet the fire requirements of the building regulations

• Evaluate and advise on options for fire detection and/or fire suppression systems.

• Analyze the processes and procedures of a particular manufacturing activity

• Design quality systems for industrial processes.

• Certify a repair or modification to a machine

• Measure vibration performance of a machine

• Design a specialized machine

• Provide designs for a non-standard residential building or commercial building to ensure compliance with the Building Code

• Assess a building’s residual strength following an event such as an earthquake

• Assess the safety of a structure such as a retaining wall or mast.We also testify in courts and provide expert witness services.