Baychem stocks a complete line of solvents for every application.

Get the performance you need for reliable, reproducible results. State of the art manufacturing methods result in exceptionally pure solvents consistent from lot-to-lot bottle-to-bottle.
For other solvents and more, call us or fill out the RFQ form. Baychem can package its chemicals to your specifications on any order.

Distilled In Glass Products

• Distillation in efficient glass stills removes interfering contaminants
• Pre-treated before distillation to optimize purity
• Meet ACS specifications for extraction / concentration procedures
• Suitable for use in trace analytical techniques and other applications requiring extremely pure solvents
Chloroform (Alcohol Stabilized)Pentane
Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)Petroleum Ether
Ethyl Ether2-Propanol (iso-propyl Alcohol)

HPLC Grade Products

• Purified in the same manner as our Distilled glass products
• Characterized by gradient elution for HPLC applications
• Meets all ACS specifications for use in Liquid Chromatography
Chloroform (Alcohol Stabilized)2-Propanol (iso-propyl Alcohol)
Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)Toluene

ACS Reagent Grade Products

• Meets and exceeds specifications published by the American Chemical Society, Reagent Chemicals, 10th Edition
• For use in precise analytical work of a general nature
Chloroform (Alcohol Stabilized)Petroleum Ether
Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride)2-Propanol (iso-propyl Alcohol)
Ethyl Ether, ACS AnhydrousToluene

Anhydrous Solvent Products

• Made by subjecting our high purity Distilled in Glass grade solvents to additional rigorous drying and packaging procedures
• Extremely low water content
• Suitable for applications wherever water content is of concern